Air Abrasion

Air abrasion is a method of removing decay from your teeth without using the dental drill. It works just like a sandblaster, removing graffiti from the walls of your mouth. It is a hand piece that blows powerful air along with tiny aluminum oxide particles out of the tip, bouncing off of your teeth to take the decay away.

We also use air abrasion to get your teeth ready for a white filling. It will help to repair cracks and even discolored teeth.

Air abrasion can also be used to prepare your teeth for bonding procedures like sealants. We use air abrasions for many other things like removing chipped, fractured, or worn teeth.

There are times when it is helpful to ready your mouth for cosmetic surgery by removing stains and spots as well as repairing old fillings, repairing broken crowns and bridges.

Our entire staff is dedicated to assisting you throughout the process. Our number one priority is helping you receive a beautiful smile that you feel confident with.